CTC Board Welcomes New Cohort at 2019 Retreat

CTC board members across all initiatives convened for their 2019 retreat at UC Irvine on February 1st.

New members attending their first meeting included:

  • Megan Branch, CertNexus

  • Lili Gangas, Kapor Center

  • Ari Gati, OZMO Group

  • John McNelis, Fenwick and West

  • Kirsten Lundgren, Tech Hire Oakland

  • Carlos Carrillo, IBM

  • Charla Griffy-Brown, Pepperdine University

  • Gabe Middleton and James Jack, Human-I-T

  • Tripp Hardy, Reprivata

  • Gil Gonzales, CMTC

The group engaged in a series of dialogues to help CTC shape priorities for 2019 and beyond.