Talent Initiative Invites Member Engagement at 2019 Retreat

A panel of CTC leaders presented exciting new opportunities for members at the 2019 organizational retreat at UC Irvine.


CTC members featured in the conversation included:

  • Lili Gangas of the Kapor Center

  • Fernanda Carapinha of 4Digital, Inc

  • Megan Branch of CertNexus

  • Charla Griffy-Brown of Pepperdine University

Among many opportunities discussed during this leadership session were undergraduate internships, mentoring, apprenticeships, certifications, and other concepts designed to facilitate career pathways for young professionals entering tech.

The CTC Talent Initiative anticipates new opportunities for members to engage in the months ahead as the talent pipeline becomes the top priority for the organization. The Women in Cyber Initiative is preparing to make an exciting new program available to members.

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