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FICO Enterprise Security Score

Publicity Strategy and Programs from

CTC and FICO announce membership offering that provides its members access to a free subscription to the Portrait portal of the FICO® Enterprise Risk Suite, which gives businesses access to their FICO® Enterprise Security Score. With this complimentary subscription, organizations can learn how business partners and cyber insurance underwriters view their network security.

To learn more and to subscribe to this free service please visit FICO’s page here:

For more information please email at

Current Offers

Incident Management Planning

TO Act, from RR Donnelley, is designed to be a critical piece of your Incident Response Plan.

TO Act is a subscription-based service that initiates a notification process and sends a print communication to all of your customers within a predetermined time frame of your choosing.

How does it work? You provide RR Donnelley with your customer file and prepared customer outreach. We provide you with a custom secure web portal, upload and download processes, security protocols, templates and agreed upon reporting formats.

To learn more, contact us at

Web-based Meetings

LiveH2H offers a video conferencing solution that enables businesses and other organizations to meet their video conferencing needs including, recruiting and interviewing, hosting webinars, conducting internal and external online meetings as well as corporate training, and other online interaction experiences. LiveH2H is offered for free globally and available on nearly any smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • LiveH2H Share is ideal for webinars and to broadcast events and other live sessions where HD video and the ability to host a large number of attendees is critical. H2H Share also offers the ability to have live audio interpretation for any language, making it ideal for expanding your community, engaging with new business partners, and reaching customers in their preferred language.

  • LiveH2H Meet provides HD video conferencing, interactive virtual whiteboards, screen sharing and other tools that enable employees, business partners, and customers to collaborate as efficiently and effectively as they would in an in-person meeting. H2H Meet also supports live transcription, live translation, and recording, making it ideal for international meetings, educational platforms, and any online-focused services.

To get started, contact Juan Solano at LiveH2H via email.