the ctc mission

CTC advances an innovation agenda developed to preserve and further California’s primacy in all forms of technology, application, systems and infrastructure. We serve a diverse membership community through advocacy, participation in the policymaking process, business development and a broad range of member services. Programming includes advocacy, original research, political activation, workforce development, educational programs, networking and business development, pre-commercial interaction with research institutions, and promotion of California’s long history of world leadership and achievement in technology and innovation.

What's on for 2018?

OUR TOP PRIORITY IN 2018 IS EXECUTION OF NEW PROGRAMS FOR OUR FOUNDATION. The California Technology Council is developing a range of new programs in the CTC Foundation, including:

  • Deeper and more customized programs in our Talent Initiative.
  • More career development opportunities through special projects like our Women in Cyber initiative.
  • Deployment of our Venture Partners as we roll out our Venture Development Program.
  • Want to get involved? Get in touch. Visit our Contact Us page to sign up and become part of any of these programs.