1. SAVE TIME + MONEY through a portfolio of discounts and exclusive offerings. Generate ROI from your membership as well as capital efficiency for your company with CTC member benefits. Learn more about our Member Benefits here.

2. LEARN through a broad set of Education Partners, as well as harnessing best practices through participation in CTC's broad menu of initiatives. Learn more about our Initiatives here.

3. BE AN ADVOCATE for the innovation ecosystem. The CTC serves as the voice of innovation with California's policymakers. State officials appreciate hearing directly from operating companies about the challenges they face growing their business in California. Learn more about our advocacy agenda here.

4. GROW and develop new business. Find clients and grow through many CTC programs and expert resources. Keep tabs on the latest in licensing and corporate development opportunities through CTC First Pitch events and more.

5. BE VISIBLE through CTC events, podcasts, challenges, and other content that showcases the leadership in our members.

6. CAPTURE DISCOUNTS ON CTC + PARTNER ACTIVITIES. Membership is always appreciated. A discount is reflected in the pricing for all CTC events and initiatives.

7. MEMBER-ONLY INITIATIVES. Committees and initiatives are generally driven by members in good standing.

8. RECEIVE EXCLUSIVE OFFERS from CTC when opportunities arise for members-only meetings or special offers.

9. CONNECT with emerging company organizations across the country. CTC is an affiliate of the Technology Councils of North America, giving us several opportunities each year to convene with like-minded executives around the country.

10. COMMUNITY IMPACT. Our initiatives are designed around issues our leaders are passionate about. From the business climate in California to STEM education, every member has an opportunity to make an impact in their community in the ways that matter to them most.

11. INTERNATIONAL MARKETS. CTC has rare opportunities to create market-opening meetings, host foreign delegations and participate in dialogues on the rare events that shaped technology leadership in California. Those opportunities advance both the CTC and market access for its members.