The CTC is committed to partnering with research institutions and seed-stage entrepreneurs to facilitate technology transfer and business development. First Pitch activities occur roughly quarterly and typically involve entrepreneurs, investors and researchers with concepts at pre-commercial stages.

Join the CTC for these frothy business development activities with the most promising researchers in academia, leading investors and startups in related space.

Principal investigators, entrepreneurs and investors are not charged a fee to present. Interested in presenting?

The CTC is looking for:

  • Principal investigators with late-stage research projects with a high degree of confidence in commercial potential of an idea.
  • Startups interested in presenting to stakeholders, investors, and business development, licensing and startup specialists. Applying companies should be between pre-seed and series A stages.
  • Early-stage investors.

Interested parties should send their non-confidential deck to FirstPitch@californiatechnology.org. Each pitch day in the First Pitch series has an independent group of judges who will review applicants. There is no cost to apply, and accepted presenters are not charged a fee.

Click on the topics below for upcoming First Pitch events in this series.



First Pitch: Land, Sea + Air, Los Angeles, September 27th

First Pitch: Digital Health & Wearables, Southern California, November 8th



2017 Events

Clean Acres Annual Conference + First Pitch: Mountain View, May 16th

First Pitch: Personalized Medicine, South San Francisco, March 28th


2016 Events

Digital Health, March 24, 2016


2015 Events

Smart Grid + Smart Buildings, November 10

Drones + Aerospace + Advanced Materials, June 24

Renewables, May 7


2014 Events

EdTech Summit, September 12, 2014


Past presenters include: