About CalCISO

Introducing the California Cybersecurity Information Sharing Organization, CalCISO.

Why now? What's the nature of the problem? What's our view?

Cyber threats will be the most persistent, pervasive challenges to public and private information networks for the foreseeable future.

The technology frontier also leads the policy frontier. In the cybersecurity context, the challenges represented by that technology magnify resource, knowledge, and infrastructure shortages in government.

What do we do?

CalCISO brings together industry, university, and public sector organizations for sharing cyber threats, fostering industry-driven solutions, addressing the talent shortfall, and ensuring informed public policy and regulation.

CalCISO focuses on:

  • Sharing cyber threats
  • Engaging in original cybersecurity research on issues of concern to the entire community
  • Creating timely and novel content
  • Providing information to address cyber awareness
  • Addressing the shortfall in cyber talent, and
  • Advancing public policies that will enhance security.

We provide partners in government with information, research, and intelligence on threats, the state of the industry, and insights.

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Advisory Board HERE.

NEW: California Threat Exchange Goes Live

CalCISO is proud to be live with the California Threat Exchange, a real-time threat-sharing program for members.

CalCISO is one of many Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations to take this approach, featuring company-to-company threat-sharing support. CTX offers strong multi-sector participation, different from the traditional ISAC channels available to most companies.

Get involved:

Contact us to learn more about this effort at cyber@californiatechnology.org.


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