Investor Attitudes Toward Internet Regulations

Around the world, policymakers are considering a new wave of rules and regulations for business and content on the Internet.

Matthew LeMerle, an active angel investor and founder of the firm Fifth Era, visited with us on the Innovation Agenda to discuss the firm's annual survey. In the 2016 edition, the survey explored investor attitudes toward regulation of the Internet. The survey is available on CTC's Research page.

In part two of our interview, CTC asked LeMerle how Internet regulations overlapped with privacy issues. “[Privacy] is one of the topics that is hotly debated in all jurisdictions,” LeMerle answered.

“I think we’re in a substantial era of transition,” LeMerle continued. “The connected generation seem to have very different values [in terms of] privacy and content sharing.”

Listen to part two of our conversation with Matthew LeMerle here:

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