Means to an End: Inside the Founder's Studio with Marcel LeBrun

In this dual episode of Inside the Founder's Studio, CTC visits with Marcel LeBrun, co-founder of Radian6. He talks through the founder process in Atlantic Canada and what it meant to be removed from Silicon Valley.

"An exit is a means to an end, NOT an end," LeBrun told us. "When founders get disproportionately focused on an exit as an end, they do unnatural things."

In talking through his experience as a serial entrepreneur in Atlantic Canada, far from a major tech hub, LeBrun added, "No one really thought too much about where we were."

We also talk with Paul Grand of RCT about medtech investing and RCT's partnership with AdvaMed for the Medtech Innovator challenge. Paul tells us about the challenge process and connecting medtech entrepreneurs with industry leaders.

Listen to the podcast here: