CTC, Morgan Stanley Partner on New 401(k) For Startups

CTC has partnered with Morgan Stanley to deliver a new 401(k) program that delivers members savings in time, resources, money, liability, and regulatory compliance.

This Multiple Employer Association Plan (MEAP) offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Ease of Administration

  • Simplification of compliance

  • Protection from fiduciary liability

  • Trusted partners

  • Cost containment

Morgan Stanley, Transamerica, and TAG Resources are partners in managing the MEAP on behalf of CTC members.

In addition to the new 401(k) benefit for members, the same partners have developed a Solo(k) retirement solution for independent contractors and freelancers.

RSVP: CTC will offer an introductory webinar for this benefit on October 10th. For details and to register, please CLICK HERE.

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