CTC Academy Partners With CertNexus For IoT Practitioners

The CTC Academy has partnered with CertNexus to deliver a new certification course for practitioners in the Internet of Things (IoT). The initial course will be offered in Palo Alto from October 24th through 26th, 2018, including the exam for certification.

CTC’s Clean Acres stakeholders will find this offering especially valuable. For those dealing with smart devices, smart buildings, smart grid, and smart cities, this can be an important step in professional learning and development.

The Internet of Things promises to make our world smarter, more measurable, and more united.

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While the benefits and offerings of the Internet of Things are truly remarkable, they are not totally foolproof as with anything connected to the Internet. The increasing amount devices means that organizations need to understand terminology and concepts of IoT to support and manage devices within their environments. IT professionals must have baseline knowledge of developing, operating and managing considerations unique to IoT ecosystems in order to manage systems and make decisions on IoT implementations.

CertNexus has developed a Certified IoT Practitioner training to help participants gain the foundational knowledge of IoT concepts, technologies, and tools that will enable them to become a capable practitioner of the Internet of Things.

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