The List: We're Thankful


It's Thanksgiving, and it doesn't take much to remind us to be grateful for the CTC community. Things for which CTC is thankful:

10. Attendees. Thanks to all those who attended a CTC program this year. We're grateful you took out a part of your day(s) to join us. We hope you gained something from it, whether educational value, customer value, or future opportunity, and we hope to see you again.

9. Speakers. Our programs are as vibrant as the experts that comprise them. We appreciate those who took the time to plan, prepare, and present at our meetings this year.

8. Listeners. Our podcasts are growing, and we're now on iTunes and Google Play. Thanks for listening and for supporting CTC's podcasts.

7. Investors. We're grateful to our investors, and to the venture investment community in general. We find it endlessly surprising how little is understood about risk capital. We don't take it for granted, and we know that those who take the greatest risks stand to make the greatest change. We appreciate you.

6. Volunteers. CTC has a large army of volunteers up and down the state of California who give their time and make our initiatives, our programs, and our content possible. This is a small way to say thank you to all those volunteers who give some part of their time to build a meaningful community in CTC.

5. Board members. Thanks to those leaders who spend a little extra time setting the vision and goals of the organization. We appreciate your leadership, and we especially appreciate the time on top of normal participation that you spend with us.

4. Vendor partners. Some of our members appreciate the incredible value delivered by our member benefits. If more companies knew, they'd find their dues come straight back to them in savings. Thanks to all our partners in delivering these member benefits. We're glad you're with us in this mission.

3. Hosts. Some of our members have the space to host meetings, programs, and events. Thanks for helping us produce CTC's fantastic gatherings. We are grateful for the things you provide to make these things come together so well.

2. Sponsors. Thanks to the underwriters who take on a higher level of commitment to the programs they value most. We could not execute these programs without your support. It is appreciated this day and every day.

1. Members. Q: What's a membership organization without it's members? A: Not much. We love our members. Our members drive our agenda, make our programs thrive, set our direction and deliver all of the results of the organization.

Thanks for being part of CTC in 2017. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you to make 2018 a resounding success!