Tone Deafness?

As reported by Jon Xavier in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the NSA's general counsel conveyed in an address that tech companies knew all along about their data collection.

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In a unique industry luncheon last week, CTC sat with a number of industry leaders on the subject of ICANN. Among the intriguing insights, one industry rep commented that the global distrust of the U.S. over NSA's data collection had somehow still not been "felt" in Washington.

That's a little bit of an exaggeration, of course. But it does seem that some in the Federal government haven't adapted and believe we are operating at business as usual.

While some in government are working hard to repair relations with industry, those interests - who are building new bridges in earnest - may want to send this memo to the GC of the NSA: you are not helping. Betraying anything you think you know about industry awareness at this stage is going to make it harder still to build those bridges.