Clean Acres Tours The Future of Data Centers

By Don Pacholec, CTC Ambassador

CTC member Nautilus Data Technologies is an innovative company pioneering the next generation of data center facilities with water-borne data centers.  

CTC toured a three story ocean transport barge which is being fitted out as a high density floating data center for initial deployment in Vallejo.  Using available river flows (or other large water bodies) as a cooling source, Nautilus’s floating data center is 80% more efficient than current data centers and achieves a 30% reduction in operating costs.  River water surrounding the barge is drawn up and traverses through an elaborate heat exchanger system.

After about 95 seconds, 100% of the flow exits to the river source with only about a one degree increase to the surrounding water. Water cooled rear doors on each server rack direct the cooling air flow directly to the servers and eliminates the need for any mechanical cooling equipment while negative pressure leak prevention protects the systems from coolant leaks.  

Rack density is higher than typical data centers and the portability of this 235 foot long barge allows deployment to US and Global coastal environments.  Nautilus Data Technologies is setting a new standard for data center efficiency, environmental sustainability and scalability.

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