CTC Issues Joint White Paper on Federal Technology Acquisition

The Professional Services Council (PSC), the Technology Councils of North America (TECNA), the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) and the California Technology Council (CTC) have issued, “Delivering Results: A Framework for Federal Government Technology Access & Acquisition,” a set of guiding principles that should be embraced across government both to ensure access to the full array of capabilities that exist in the private sector and to enhance the performance of federal technology programs.

“PSC, TECNA, NVTC and CTC represent a variety of different yet equally crucial communities that can deliver real innovation and quality to their customers,” said PSC Executive Vice President Dave Wennergren. “That we have come together around this set of overarching principles sends a strong signal that the government is constrained by how they ask for technology solutions, not who they ask.”

“Our message is simple:  government must remove the high hurdles to participation and innovation for all so that firms from across the nation can compete on a level playing field,” Wennergren said.

“The reality is that the nation will be best served by a federal acquisition and technology ecosystem that provides the flexibilities to allow both established providers and new entrants to bring innovative ideas and approaches to government,” said Skip Newberry, CEO of the Technology Association of Oregon and Chair of TECNA. “Whether a start-up or a long and well established company, success hinges on the same basic market characteristics.”

“Today, more than ever, government customers must have access to the best ideas that industry has to offer,” said Bobbie Kilberg, President and CEO of NVTC.  “Through the united voice of our multiple associations, we want to send a clear signal to government that immediate steps can be taken to increase agility and improve results.”

"The technology frontier is, at times, so far ahead of the acquisition frontier that we'll need new flexibility and collaboration built in if we expect government to keep up,” said Matt Gardner, CEO of CTC.  “Whether that means collaboration on test beds and demonstration projects, or increasing flexibility in technical requirements, this report - and our combined efforts - highlight an 'all-of-the-above' approach."

The report outlines how the government can change its practices to allow for greater participation. In addition to eliminating barriers that preclude access to innovation, the paper also provides recommendations to increase government-industry collaboration, inject flexibility into the contracting process, balance risk, and bolster the federal IT and acquisition workforces.

Download the paper here.


About PSC: PSC is the voice of the government technology and professional services industry. PSC’s nearly 400 member companies represent small, medium, and large businesses that provide federal agencies with services of all kinds, including information technology, engineering, logistics, facilities management, operations and maintenance, consulting, international development, scientific, social, environmental services, and more. Together, the trade association’s members employ hundreds of thousands of Americans in all 50 states. Follow PSC on Twitter @PSCSpeaks .

About TECNA:  The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) serves as the voice for the North American technology community and represents more than 50 IT and Technology trade organization. Our members represent over 22,000 technology-related companies throughout North America. We bring value to state and regional technology organizations in their effort to foster collaboration, innovation and the exchange of ideas within the fast paced and quick changing world of technology. Follow TECNA on Twitter @TechCouncils.

About NVTC:  The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) is the membership and trade association for the technology community in Northern Virginia. As the largest technology council in the nation, NVTC serves about 1,000 companies and organizations, including businesses from all sectors of the technology industry, service providers, universities, foreign embassies, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Through its member companies, NVTC represents about 300,000 employees in the region. Follow NVTC on Twitter @NoVaTechCouncil .

About CTC:   The California Technology Council (CTC) is a technology trade association serving innovators from all industry sectors in the state of California. Every day, CTC delivers value through a set of member benefits essential to running a technology company. CTC looks for opportunities to support business development and access to markets for members through its initiatives, events and content. CTC advocates for an aspirational Innovation Agenda for California. For more information, visit www.californiatechnology.org.