Clean Acres, First Pitch Create Surprises

The 2017 edition of our Clean Acres Conference included a range of surprises. The conference and First Pitch showcase of outstanding emerging companies were merged into one event for 2017, and unexpected themes emerged.

Nishant Garg presents FlowLabs in the First Pitch track of Clean Acres 2017.

Nishant Garg presents FlowLabs in the First Pitch track of Clean Acres 2017.

Companies invited to pitch in the First Pitch track included several "blue tech" startups, including Buoy Labs, FlowLabs, AquaSeca, and CalWave, though the conference planning board had not intended to concentrate on water-related technologies.

Panel discussions included usual topics of energy efficiency and sustainability innovations. Among them, however, was a relatively new approach to commercial real estate featuring the implications of new space-based solutions, next-generation GIS, and related market transparency, analytics, and understanding of risk.

The Conference also featured a number of CTC's member benefit partners, including:

  • GreenPerSquareFoot, which offers facility RFP services to CTC members
  • Arthur J Gallagher, which offers risk products to CTC members
  • Xceligent, which offers property search to CTC members
  • 71LBS, which offers supply chain services to CTC members.

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