Boards Meet, Showcase UC Davis Innovations

All CTC boards held their third quarter 2018 meetings with a spotlight on member UC Davis. In particular, boards heard an in-depth presentation on the University’s profile in innovation.

UC Davis presenter Dr. Dushyant Pathak, Director of the Venture Catalyst Program, highlighted such indicators as Davis’ fiscal 2017 receipt of more than $780 million in research funds.

In terms of commercialization, Dr. Pathak discussed a ten-year impact of UC Davis commercialization that includes:

  • More than $110 million in revenue over a decade

  • Over 700 patents granted, and

  • Over 850 licenses, options, and agreements.

CTC boards took the opportunity to learn more about the great breadth of R&D at UC Davis. Board members expressed their thanks to UC Davis for showcasing their strength in innovation and impact.

Next, CTC is exploring options for a Southern California retreat next January.