CTC Launches New Series With Jessup University

CTC took an unusual step in the FCC's Net Neutrality dialogue during the summer, and used the occasion to launch a new series of tech policy dialogues in conjunction with the new Center for Science, Technology, and Society (CSTS) of William Jessup University.

The FCC Proceeding, "Restoring Internet Freedom," was open for comment through much of the summer. The full proceeding can be REVIEWED HERE.

CTC leadership debated taking the usual pro or con positions in this proceeding, and members weighed in. Rather than taking any conventional position, CTC instead came to the conclusion that the very fact that the FCC had raised this issue for a second time in just a few years represented the greater concern.

Our conclusion was to request to the FCC and others that this entire issue be moved to a larger dialogue on telecommunications reform in Congress. With no significant updates to national telecommunications frameworks in law since the Telecommunications Act of 1996, CTC asserts that this entire field is sorely in need of more serious, national conversation.

Read the first perspective in this new RETHINKING TECH POLICY series, published with CSTS at Jessup, by CLICKING HERE (to download a PDF).