James Connaughton goes Inside the Founder's Studio

The Honorable James Connaughton is CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies, a data center company poised to lead a revolution in that industry's well-established business model. Connaughton goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC to explore the company's inspiration, its growth, and an optimistic vision of the future.

Regarding the company's strategy, Connaughton identifies a number of double bottom line impact gains from the Nautilus business model beyond the sustainability improvements in the classic data center business model. "We can open up new economic opportunity at ports or industrial locations and bring fiber through communities that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it."

"This is a great opportunity to restore and rehabilitate sagging locations adjacent to the data-consuming part of the population. We believe in sustainability and that's economic gain, environmental gain, and social & community gain."

When asked how Nautilus Data Technologies stands poised to shift the data center business, he predicts great change across the entire sector. "There's no question that over the next twenty years, all data centers are going to be water cooled. We will have been the technology innovators to showcase that and prove that it's possible."

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