Being an Ambassador for CTC

Guest columnist Adam Rak shares his views on getting involved. 

Having worked with technology companies either directly or through industry associations for the better part of 15 years, I was surprised that we did not have a state-wide tech association in California to support issues, help with business development and promote growth of the industry.

When I first heard about the California Technology Council (CTC), I thought this was a great opportunity to finally bring a united voice to the technology industry for all of California. The fact that the CTC focuses on all sizes of tech businesses is critical to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in our state.

It became pretty clear to me just a couple of years ago that we still need that voice for the tech industry. It's perhaps ironic, but California's boom-and-bust budget cycle leads to a disproportionate dependence on capital gains. Despite that fact, the Franchise Tax Board aggressively challenged the angel investment community in 2012. I was part of a grassroots movement that ultimately brought State leaders to their senses about the benefit California already derives from being headquarters to the world of technology.

As that grassroots movement proceeded, it was clear that we still had a need for a defender, a translator, and an organization that simply aims to make the technology community more accessible and easier to understand for policymakers.

I'm excited to take on the role as an Ambassador for the California Technology Council and to be a part of an organization focused on supporting innovation in our communities. It is important that CTC be a strong voice for the continued growth of the tech community throughout California. I look forward playing a role in promoting and growing this organization into a powerful voice for technology.


Adam Rak is Executive Vice President of Bond and Associates, a strategic government affairs firm headquartered in Washington, DC.