Cyberstates 2018: New Report Outlines California's Position and Growth

2018CS Cal Ranks.jpg

CompTIA, CTC's national advocacy affiliate and long-established partner on issues ranging from workforce development to cybersecurity, released the Cyberstates 2018 report, with a detailed rundown of technology employment in all 50 states. In this report, California occupies the #1 rank in tech employment, job growth since 2017, and in innovation.

2018CS Cal Jobs.jpg

According to the report, California net tech employment was an estimated 1,749,400 workers in 2017, a gain of 43,601 net new jobs year-over-year. Since 2011, California has added over 274,000 new tech workers. 

Cyberstates 2018 also finds that California accounts for nearly 25 percent of the national tech sector payroll and 17 percent of tech sector workers. The state is so large relative to the others, that it exerts a significant upward pull on tech sector wages. California sits well above the average tech sector wage of $112,900. When excluding California from the calculation, the average wage falls to $102,800.

Learn more about the Cyberstates 2018 report HERE.