CTC Ventures Visits Sandia

The CTC Ventures Program visited Sandia National Laboratory for a full Friday afternoon of exploration a week ago.

The Ventures team spent the afternoon exploring commercialization and collaboration opportunities in life sciences, cybersecurity, and energy. Among other areas, Sandia is a leader in these sectors having great overlap with the Council’s initiatives and stakeholders. The parties have more work to do as the dialogue continues. They will be working on a special project involving CTC’s Clean Acres and CalCISO initiatives.

SpinDx technology of Sandia origin.

SpinDx technology of Sandia origin.

Sandia has a great tradition in commercialization and broader economic impact. The Lab played a leading role in the development of clean rooms, now estimated to be an industry worth more than $50 billion cumulatively. More recently, Sandia has been working on the renowned SpinDx technology, first unveiled a few years ago and continuing to grow in utility.

The CTC Ventures Program is an expansion of the Council’s robust First Pitch series of technology showcases and investor match-making meetings. Ventures and First Pitch are part of the agenda of CTC’s Science, Technology, and Research (STAR) Advisory Board, comprised of many of California’s leading scientific research institutions. This is one of many reasons CTC is affiliated with the State Science and Technology Institute, a national fabric of organizations dedicated to technology-based economic development.

Sandia is the fifth research institution to work with the CTC Ventures Program in 2018 to explore spin-off potential.

To express interest in getting involved with First Pitch or CTC Ventures, contact us at FirstPitch@californiatechnology.org.