The Grateful Founder

As Oren Falkowitz puts it, 95% of the problems that result from data breaches come from phishing. Falkowitz is co-founder and CEO of Area 1 Security, a company directly addressing phishing with clients to proactively stop phishing attacks.

In this episode of 'Inside the Founder's Studio,' Falkowitz shares his experience as an entrepreneur and gives a fresh perspective on how every entrepreneur needs a support network.

With a tone of gratitude, he looks back on his own experience with mentors. "I've always benefitted from the kindness and generosity of others," he tells CTC.

Falkowitz adds that this kind of machinery for support of entrepreneurs is both part of California's draw and a key ingredient in its technology success. "The support ecosystem that exists in the Bay Area produces outsized returns for the technologies and companies that are here," he offers.

Area 1 Security is a company backed by Icon Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Data Collective, Ray Rothrock, and others. Asked about working with leading investors like these, Falkowitz says, "Great investors bring so much more than capital to the business."

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