Healthcare Entrepreneurs Rising

Pallav Sharda is a healthcare entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in health information technology. Pallav put that experience to work creating insights for future entrepreneurs entering the complex healthcare space in his book, "Before Disrupting Healthcare: What Innovators Need to Know."

The book is CTC's selection as Book of the Month for February 2017.

Pallav went Inside the Founder's Studio to talk about the book, as well as entrepreneurship in health, and much more in our wide-ranging discussion.

On the question of what to do with all the data in the new healthcare landscape, Sharda expressed a great sense of optimism. "A new startup doesn't have to figure out drug types or physician schedules. [Those are] already happening."

Regarding the convergence of adjacent technologies, and even the unexpected combinations of technologies for health applications, he added, "I think consumer electronic devices will start playing a vital role in healthcare faster than medical devices becoming more consumer friendly."

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