Laser Focus, Global Support

Marlon Evans, CEO of GSV Labs, visits with Temples of Technology to talk about the unique assets and global approach of GSV. He explores their four-sector strategy and details some of the ways GSV provides support to entrepreneurs from all over the world seeking to access the best Silicon Valley has to offer.

Evans explains that he, like many, doesn't see Silicon Valley having "the market cornered on innovation." He went further into the forms of support GSV provides to entrepreneurs, adding, "We are blessed to have 72,000 square feet to chart out the ideal work environment for startups. Because we have so much space, we can grow with those companies."

GSV Labs isn't trying to be all things to all people, however. A short time ago, they narrowed their efforts. Evans goes on, "We transitioned to having a laser focus on four verticles: sustainability, edtech, mobile, and big data."

Being part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem benefits client startups and the stakeholders in the ecosystem alike. Evans tells of Intel, which partners with GSV on edtech, "Intel has eight edtech companies here, an accelerator within an accelerator."

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