What We're Listening To: Spotlight on Riverside

In part one of a special series putting the Startup Spotlight on Riverside, California, we speak to Dr. Paul Zorner about the computational biology startup Sensorygen. Dr. Zorner describes the company's early efforts as we begin to take a closer look at the unique startups originating from California's Inland Empire.

Dr. Zorner describes the virtual startup and its unique approach, applying high-speed computing power to challenges with pathogens, next-generation insect-repellents, and more. The company was established by UC Riverside Professor Anand Ray.

In a far-reaching conversation, he identifies opportunities to tackle global health challenges, the potential for startups like this to happen anywhere, the collection of assets in Riverside, and the growth-oriented approach of CTC Foundation Advisory Board member Michael Pazzani, UC Riverside's Vice Chancellor of Research.

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