Rich in Talent and Innovation

California has a new Technology and Innovation Caucus in the State Assembly and Senate. Assemblymember Evan Low of San Jose, co-chair of the new Caucus, visited with CTC on this episode of the Innovation Agenda to discuss its origins, priorities, and hopes for improving the climate for technology growth.

"We can't rest on our laurels and we can't be complacent," Assemblymember Low said regarding California's leadership in technology. "The state is rich in innovation and it's rich in human resources."

Regarding the overall approach of the new caucus, Low offered: "It's important that we have the environment and the framework to foster innovation."

The working space of the caucus might range across sectors from agtech and drones to transportation network companies and the sharing economy, and everywhere in between, Low suggested during this conversation. He also reinforced the participation of law makers from all over the state, emphasizing the breadth of California's innovation economies in San Diego, Silicon Beach, Silicon Valley, and virtually everywhere.

Low also discussed opportunities to create a platform through the caucus to explore government technology procurement, best practices, and more.

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