Hacking the Cyber Talent Shortage

Chris Finan, co-founder and CEO of Manifold Technology, went Inside the Founder's Studio to discuss fintech, acceleration, the cybersecurity talent shortage, and the launch of CalCISO, the California Cybersecurity Information Sharing Organization.

Manifold is a recent graduate of the Plug and Play Fintech Accelerator. When asked about that experience Chris summarized several ways the program propelled the company forward. "It was a really valuable experience [for] better understanding clients and customers by listening to how other people ask and describe their pain points."

Regarding the launch of CalCISO, Chris described the opportune time for bringing stakeholders together. "This is a problem that's going to take collective action. [CalCISO is] incredibly timely. Its a way to bring a lot of the innovation from Silicon Valley and the great cyber companies together with other businesses to share knowledge and awareness."

On the familiar theme of talent - especially in the acute need in cyber professions - Chris provided insights for his company as well as the overall CalCISO effort. "This is my number one priority always, finding and acquiring talent. Its core to the CalCISO charter. Having a collective where you're able to tap into existing training efforts and create new workforce development efforts - all of those things matter, especially when you can focus them in on cybersecurity."

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