Guest Post: LA Innovation Week 2015

Los Angeles Innovation Week 2015: South by Southwest, We're Coming for You!

Guest contributor Chris Rico is Director of Innovation for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation.

Rivaling the magnitude of South by Southwest, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) Center for Innovation will launch our second annual Los Angeles Innovation Week with a series of events from October 1 through October 22, 2015. We are expecting tens of thousands to attend an array of more than 100 dynamic events focusing on the use of education, culture, and both high and low technology to drive urban growth and support innovation-intensive industries.
Los Angeles provides a unique convergence of innovation, from the arts to aerospace, traditional and digital entertainment to transportation and trade. Over the course of three weeks, a variety of events hosted by businesses and organizations across Los Angeles will celebrate and highlight the talent and ingenuity that can only be found across Los Angeles County. Events encompass the breadth of innovation and include panels, showcases, demonstrations, workshops and mixers covering myriad topics.
Events will kick off on October 1 in the City of El Segundo, with a focus on the city’s highly-innovative and fast-changing signature industries of Aerospace and Energy.
The full gamut of the 100 plus events can be found here. 

Come out and join the celebration!


For more information on LA Innovation Week, please click here.