Updating Models of Capital Efficiency and Shared Services

by Matt Gardner, CEO, California Technology Council

The manner in which associations deliver membership services has evolved greatly in the last two decades, as with many industries disrupted by novel communications, content and connectivity. Assembling members on issues associated with their costs of conducting business continues to be a key value proposition for many associations, professional societies and other non-profits. The American Automobile Association is one everyday example of this type of value proposition.

In technology, the shared services approach was radically revolutionized by the now-defunct American Electronics Association (AeA), a trade association with a legacy dating directly to David Packard and a group of co-founders in the early 1940s. Packard saw an opportunity to impact costs of essential products and services important to all members.

The California Technology Council is built on this value proposition. This approach is one assured way to deliver return on investment to member companies. One new member company of CTC will save more than their annual dues in the first three months of their membership thanks to one of the benefits we're about to launch. Over the course of a year, that's an ROI of greater than 400% and a direct contribution to cash conservation and a longer runway to a startup - all while saving the company time by delivering a proven and vetted solution.

Business essentials are important to serving a wide base of membership. One insurance professional recently conveyed to me that an entire generation of his colleagues was groomed through the old AeA insurance programs. We'll have more business essentials to announce soon.

CTC also seeks to update and innovate in the services we can deliver to members. We've already begun to do so with a set of startup essentials like discounted 409A valuations through partner Silicon Valley Bank, discounted venture data through PitchBook, and discounted startup tools with Foundersuite. Again, trusted brands and established leaders delivering proven and vetted solutions.

CTC invites technology leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to get to know more about all CTC has to offer. Join us for an introductory session at 4:00pm on Thursday, August 6th in San Francisco and get to know the CTC and all the value membership can deliver to your enterprise. For more information and to register, please click here.

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