Entrepreneurship and Policy Leadership

by Mike McGeary, CTC Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

For the last several years, I’ve been privileged to find myself at one of the most critical intersections of economic growth on a global scale we have before us, the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and policy development. Whether in helping lead strategy for Engine, a growing, national non-profit committed to providing a platform for entrepreneurs to take action on issues important to their businesses and communities, or with my current work as a consultant on a range of issues with Berkeley’s Broadside Partners, or many other endeavors along the way, I’ve seen first hand, all across the globe, what technology and entrepreneurship can do in terms of growing opportunity and prosperity in those communities.

In so many of those places, though, it’s clear where real leadership has been headquartered for so long. I grew up in Massachusetts during the “Miracle” of the 1980s, but moving to California nearly a decade ago gave me the perspective that this place, from Silicon Valley to San Diego and everywhere in between, and our people continue to lead the world in the magnitude of its contribution to technological progress. That is not without fault, and it is not without competition, but I still hear lots of talk about making “X” community, the next Silicon Valley, or the Silicon Valley for “X” product.

The fact is, California can and, frankly, must lead, and while we should seek to create a rising tide of entrepreneurship everywhere, it is important to recognize and constantly reinvigorate that sense of leadership through strategic goal-setting to help market California’s story to the world, and teach the lessons that our unique history has to offer. But we must also use our position to listen and learn to that competition that’s nipping at our heels, in hopes that we can make our ecosystem, and those that are competing with us, all stronger.

I want to offer sincere thanks to my long-time friend and collaborator Matt Gardner for his vision in growing this organization and for his support and growth for the California ecosystem; it is my privilege to help tell a piece of that story. I’ll be hosting a couple podcast series for the Council, and I hope you’ll tune in, and I’ll be working with Matt as he develops, nurtures, and grows California and our technology sector for all of us.

And in that sense, I look forward to working with you all to promote your business, your success and our growth as a community.

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