CTC Board Meets at GhostBot

GhostBot is an animation company headquartered in Daly City, California. The company is represented on the board of the CTC through David Yeary, Chief Business Officer. Yeary hosted a combined meeting of the Advisory Board and Economic Advisory Board of the CTC on Friday, April 10th.

While this board meeting included routine business of the CTC, discussion turned readily toward a number of issues faced by every emerging business.


Several fast-growing companies on the board discussed the competitive landscape for talent in the Bay Area. Unique design and engineering skills, high costs of living, and expensive costs to operate a business in the Bay Area all contribute to the challenges faced by every startup.


Is there an ideal location for startups? The pros and cons of big cities were debated in a sweeping conversation that touched on issues from regulatory environment to ease of access.

Growth and business development.

Rapid growth can require flexible space, flexible work arrangements and the infrastructure to support a response to customers any time, any place. As important as high-speed internet access is to business, participants referred just as much to the critical need for traditional forms of rail and air transportation. Reaching customers still requires face time, and the infrastructure to make it possible.