CTC Announces Facilities RFP Member Benefit

The California Technology Council is thrilled to announce that we’ve entered into a strategic partnership with GreenPSF, a leading provider of facilities management tools, in order to provide members with a powerful facility solutions.

CTC has partnered with GreenPSF to provide members with a facilities RFP platform. The platform allows project proponents to sync with Energy Star Portfolio Manager, benchmark building performance, bid projects, identify incentives and financing, get into compliance, and much more.

This powerful platform helps members identify solutions for:

  • Facilities-related RFP platform
  • Project financing
  • Facilities and energy-related incentives
  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager Sync
  • Energy and water efficiency benchmarking
  • Facility benchmarking & disclosure compliance
  • Building certifications

Explore the Clean Acres RFP member benefit powered by GreenPSF here.

For more information on CTC member benefits, please click here.