Build Something You Love

What happens when you put a startup founder in a leadership role in Congressional staff? In this special episode that combines two CTC series, Inside the Founder's Studio and the Innovation Agenda, we speak to Roger Dean Huffstetler, co-founder and president and Zillabyte, about his new role as Chief of Staff to Congressman Seth Moulton of Massachusetts.

"It wasn't a hard decision at all," Huffstetler says. "I believe that many of the lessons of Silicon Valley are what's most needed in our nation's capital."

He uses his experience in startups on a daily basis. "It's literally like coming in a time machine when you step into this building," adds Huffstetler. "It's a risk-averse culture. There's only one way to change that and we've got to lead by example."

Software experience continues to be a driving factor as well. "We're building a dashboard at Team Moulton," Huffstetler tells CTC. "We hope to, at some point, open source that."

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