Guest Post: CTC Fellow Glyn Davis Explores 2015 Tech Policy Issues

By Glyn Davis, Special to the California Technology Council

In Australia, two issues stand out:

  • Broadband connectivity – a sense of the nation falling behind as the Asian region invests massively in ubiquitous wireless access; and
  • The emergence of a global media, as Netflicks starts in Australia, creating competition for local media monopolies.

[These issues] show the sense both of a ‘global race’ for internet speed and an emerging global media platform that is destroying local players in a classic creative destruction pattern.

Professor Glyn Davis AC is a Fellow of the California Technology Council. Professor Glyn Davis has been Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Melbourne since January 2005, and is Professor of Political Science in the Faculty of Arts. Professor Davis is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, a Companion in the Order of Australia, and a Director of the Melbourne Theatre Company, the Grattan Institute, the LH Martin Institute and Asialink.