Tech Trends Roundup

As always, the New Year brings out trends and predictions of all types. CTC takes a look around the web at how a few expert sources see 2015 unfolding for the tech universe.

WSJ 2015 Tech Preview

The Wall Street Journal looks ahead and technologies close to market that may shape our work and home life in 2015.

NBC News 2015 Consumer Tech Preview

NBC News takes a quick look at tech that might become essential for every consumer in the next year.

Gartner Group 2015 Megatrends Preview

The Gartner Group provides its annually provocative big picture for tech in 2015.

CIO Magazine 2015 Big Data Preview

CIO Magazine (IDG) makes its best guess at predictions for Big Data evolutionary trends in 2015.

Dice Predicts 2015 Tech Hiring

Job board Dice says tech hiring will be up in 2015.

Business Insider Makes 2015 Sector Investing Predictions

BI looks ahead at how investment will benefit certain tech segments in 2015.

The Street Connects Market Trends to Tech Stock Predictions for 2015

Large caps may gain from major trends summarized by The Street.

Experian Makes 2015 Data Breach Predictions

From increasing healthcare data breaches to understanding the threat of our own employees, Experian gives its second annual preview of data breach issues for 2015.