CTC Launches Ambassadors Program

First meeting in Santa Monica marks new era for Tech Council.

The California Technology Council formally launched its Ambassadors Program on Monday, August 18th with a meeting at General Assembly in Santa Monica. The idea was inspired by the volunteerism of people vital to the establishment of the Tech Council, such as Adam Rak of Bond and Associates.

On-boarding in the first class of new Ambassadors in Southern California are Tina Olson, Ben Deal, Tripp Kerr and Ethan Winner. All of them have direct experience in getting new businesses off the ground and advising entrepreneurs.

"This is a great way to serve," offered Ethan Winner, Founder and President of Talent Niche in Southern California. "This is a critical time for tech entrepreneurs in California as the amount of available financing is at an all-time high. We need to harness and grow ideas and innovation and enable young companies to overcome the typical barriers that exist. The CTC will be an unparalleled resource to companies of all sizes in California. I'm looking forward to being part of the process that brings success to startup and growing companies."

"I'm excited about all the opportunities to support innovators," said Tripp Kerr of Productivity Associates. “I can’t stress enough how important it is to foster technology throughout California and to support tech entrepreneurs at all stages as they seek to change the world with their innovations."

The Ambassadors Program is intended to provide an expanded network of experts steeped in every aspect of the CTC's programs, initiatives and benefits, adding to the outreach and support CTC provides to innovators of all kinds.

At this initial meeting, Ambassadors were taken through a detailed preview of initiatives planned and in progress for the CTC.

Ambassadors in the Bay Area are expected to meet in September to go through a similar preview.

For more information on the California Technology Council and ways to get involved, contact Matt Gardner.