Inside the Founder's Studio with Eric Langer, BioPlan

On this special episode of Inside the Founder's Studio, CTC's BioCalifornia Initiative explores the manufacturing of biotech products with Eric Langer, renowned international expert in biomanufacturing. Eric discusses the product development and strategic implications of manufacturing for those in industry, as well as workforce and economic development considerations for those interested in the industry.

Inside the Founder's Studio on Dx Finance Trends

We go Inside the Founder's Studio with Tara Kochis-Stach of Slone Partners and Jonathan Norris of Silicon Valley Bank to discuss the financial trends in the medical diagnostics and research tools space. We look at how emerging companies are dealing with Big Data, new players on the scene from tech, and planning for success with excellence in hiring great people.

Startup Spotlight on Riverside, Part One

In part one of a special series putting the Startup Spotlight on Riverside, California, we speak to Dr. Paul Zorner about the computational biology startup Sensorygen. Dr. Zorner describes the company's early efforts as we begin to take a closer look at the unique startups originating from California's Inland Empire.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Doug Curry, Xceligent

Doug Curry is founder of Xceligent, a commercial real estate technology platform and a member of the California Technology Council. Doug goes 'Inside the Founder's Studio' to discuss the inspiration for Xceligent, the challenges of creating a new approach to commercial real estate as a digital marketplace, and the maturation of this industry segment. Doug gives a look deep inside the development of Xceligent over time, including its own transformation at times of major industry change.

Inside the Founder's Studio with James Connaughton, Nautilus DT

The Honorable James Connaughton is CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies, a data center company poised to lead a revolution in that industry's well-established business model. Connaughton goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC to explore the company's inspiration, its growth, and an optimistic vision of the future.

The Innovation Agenda with Liz Hyman, CompTIA

In this episode of 'The Innovation Agenda,' CTC speaks with Liz Hyman of our national affiliate CompTIA about the initial indications for skilled workforce immigration in the Trump Administration, including the potential for changes in the H-1B Visa program which has been important to both technology industry and to the funding of training programs.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Oren Falkowitz

Oren Falkowitz goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC to discuss his company Area 1 Security. Area 1 aims to help every enterprise address one of the most common forms of vulnerability in the cyber world, phishing attacks. He also gives a fresh perspective on how an entrepreneur needs a support network, and looks back with grace on his own experience with mentors.

Temples of Technology with Marlon Evans

Marlon Evans, CEO of GSV Labs, visits with ‘Temples of Technology’ to talk about the unique assets and global approach of GSV. He explores their four-sector strategy and details some of the ways GSV provides support to entrepreneurs from all over the world seeking to access the best Silicon Valley has to offer.

The Innovation Agenda on Making a Dangerous Film

Filmmakers Darren Mann and Christian Johnston joined us for a conversation about their documentary, "State of Control." In our wide-ranging discussion, we explored the ways technology enables and simplifies undercover journalism, cybersecurity, and risks of the trade of filmmaking.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Pallav Sharda

Pallav Sharda is a healthcare entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in health information technology. Pallav put that experience to work creating insights for his book, "Before Disrupting Healthcare: What Innovators Need to Know." He went Inside the Founder's Studio to talk about the book, as well as entrepreneurship in health, and much more in our wide-ranging discussion.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Caitlyn Krebs and Seth Rodgers

Aging includes cognitive decline in one form or another for everyone. While major studies continue to track long-term assessment, companies are identifying new approaches to brain health that may change everything, from earlier identification of decline to better and more targeted treatment. In this episode of Inside the Founder's Studio, CTC talks to Seth Rodgers, founder of NeuroSave, and Caitlyn Krebs, COO of Neurotrack, about their companies' unique solutions to the complex issues around brain health.

The Innovation Agenda with Peter Swire

While the FCC contemplates new rules on privacy for Internet Service Providers, we spoke with Peter Swire of the Institute for Information Security and Privacy at Georgia Tech on this episode of the Innovation Agenda about what's at stake.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Marcel LeBrun and Paul Grant

In this dual episode of Inside the Founder's Studio, CTC visits with Marcel LeBrun, co-founder of Radian6. He talks through the founder process in Atlantic Canada and what it meant to be removed from Silicon Valley. We also talk with Paul Grand of RCT about medtech investing and RCT's Medtech Innovator challenge. Paul tells us about the challenge process and connecting medtech entrepreneurs with industry leaders.

The Innovation Agenda with Matthew LeMerle (Part Two)

In the second part of our conversation with Matthew LeMerle, we talk through privacy, millennials, and emerging markets, all related to the survey his firm, Fifth Era, conducted among investors worldwide regarding their attitudes toward Internet regulation.

The Innovation Agenda with Matthew LeMerle, Fifth Era (Part One)

In this episode of the Innovation Agenda, we hear part one of our conversation with Matthew LeMerle. Matthew dives deep into the results of his firm's annual survey of investor attitudes toward internet regulation. Visit our Research Section for a copy of the survey.

The Innovation Agenda with Evan Low, Co-Chair of the California Legislative Technology Caucus

California has a new Technology and Innovation Caucus in the State Assembly and Senate. Assemblymember Evan Low of San Jose, co-chair of the new Caucus, visits with CTC on this episode of the Innovation Agenda to discuss its origins, priorities, and hopes for improving the climate for technology growth.

The Innovation Agenda with Michael Kaiser, National Cyber Security Alliance

The gap between the number of job openings in cybersecurity and the number of people available to fill those jobs is stirring a conversation in technology, academia and government around the world. Michael Kaiser of the National Cyber Security Alliance visits with CTC on this episode of the Innovation Agenda to discuss their survey (with Raytheon) of millennials and opportunities to explore cybersecurity careers.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Chris Finan of Manifold Technology

Chris Finan, co-founder and CEO of Manifold Technology, went Inside the Founder's Studio to discuss fintech, acceleration, the cybersecurity talent shortage, and the launch of CalCISO, the California Cybersecurity Information Sharing Organization.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Anand Sanwal of CB Insights

Anand Sanwal of CB Insights goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC to discuss their 2016 Tech IPO Pipeline report, its predictions for venture-backed companies rising to the top, the investors that propelled them, sectors that surprised, and much more.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Chris Rivera of WBBA

Chris Rivera of the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC. Chris talks about his experience as a co-founder of Bay Area biotech company Hyperion, as well as the perspective that background provided him in returning home to Seattle to become CEO of WBBA. Chris provides an intimate view of running a biotech company during the global financial crisis, managing change, and bringing those insights back to inject an expanded strategy for founders at WBBA. A few days after this session, Chris announced his resignation from the CEO role at WBBA.

The Bio Report: Trends Shaping the New Health Economy in 2016

Growing costs pressures, the integration of technology, and the transformation of the patient into a healthcare consumer is giving rise to a new health economy. In its report on the top health industry issue for 2016, PwC highlights the forces expected to have the most impact on the industry in the coming year. We spoke to Karla Anderson, principal of U.S. pharmaceuticals and life sciences for PwC, about the report, how an increasing emphasis on value is reshaping the sector, and what’s in store for 2016.

The Bio Report: Declining R&D Productivity Continues to Plague Big Pharma

Despite a record number of new drug approvals this year, the return on R&D investment for the largest pharmaceutical companies continues to fall, according to a new report from the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions and Deloitte’s R&D services group. In fact, the report finds R&D returns for this group of companies have fallen to their lowest point since Deloitte began tracking them in 2010. We spoke to Neil Lesser, principal with Deloitte Consulting in the Life Sciences strategy practice and a leader in the Research & Development strategy practice, about the report, the pressures on the industry that are hurting returns, and what R&D strategies companies can pursue that might reverse the trend.

The Bio Report: Searching for Solutions to Rising Specialty Drug Prices

Retail prices for more than 100 widely used specialty drugs rose nearly 11 percent in 2013, according to a new report from AARP Public Policy Institute. The report found that the average annual cost of a specialty drugs used to treat chronic diseases rose to more than $53,000 — greater than the U.S. median income and more than twice the $23,500 median income of people on Medicare. We spoke to Leigh Purvis, director of health services research in AARP’s Public Policy Institute about the report, trends that are fueling demand for these drugs, and whether there are public policy solutions to rein in rising drug prices that can be implemented without harm to innovation.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Mike Ritter of SlantRange

Mike Ritter of SlantRange goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC regarding the integration of hardware and software in agtech. With drones, sensors, and software combining to make new platforms affordable, Mike takes a closer look at this emerging field, including global adoption, the growth curve, and the many ways angel investors and team members with years of experience in drones have propelled the company forward.

The Bio Report: Biohacker Seek a Faster, Cheaper Path to Insulin

A team of biohackers is developing the first open source protocol to produce insulin simply and economically. The hope is that their work will serve as the basis for generic production of insulin and provide a foundation for continued research into improved versions of the life saving biologic. We spoke to Anthony Di Franco, co-founder of the Open Insulin project and a board member of Counter Culture Labs, about the work, the challenges they are encountering, and whether the DIY movement can teach the corporate world anything about cost-effective innovation.

The Bio Report: A Scorecard to Improve Drugmakers' Transparency

A large number of clinical trials underlying the approval of drugs never come into public view. This not only has legal and ethical ramifications, but implications for the healthcare system as a whole. We spoke to Jennifer Miller, founding president of Bioethics International and assistant professor at the NYU School of Medicine about her recent study in BMJ Open, part of an effort to improve transparency through the creation of a Good Pharma Scorecard. Miller discussed the study, the scorecard, and the state of transparency in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Bio Report: Forget the Chemistry Set, Mom, I Want a Bioreactor

The power of genetic engineering will soon be available for the home thanks to the Amino One, a piece of hardware about the size of a laptop computer that would allow users to manipulate the DNA of microorganisms for productive purposes or just plain fun. We spoke to Julie Legault, founder and CEO of Amino One’s creator Amino Labs, about the device, its target market, and the implications of putting the tools of synthetic biology into the hands of kids.

The Bio Report: Ensuring Biological Tools Benefit the Environment

New gene editing technologies are expanding the ease and power with which scientists can manipulate biological systems with the promising of addressing not only human health issues, but problems the plant faces with regards to food, fuel, and the environment. But while much of the concerns raised about the potential consequences of this technology have focused on its use in humans, Elizabeth Alter, assistant professor of biology at City University of New York’s York College, argues its potential environmental implications will likely be far more significant. We spoke to Alter about her recent op-ed in The New York Times, the need for public discussion about the technology, what should be done today as we work through broader questions of policy.

The Bio Report: New SEC Rules Open Crowdfunding to the Masses

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission last week finalized rules on crowdfunding that opens the door for the participation of non-accredited investors. The rules complete a long process for the commission set into motion by the passage of the JOBS Act. We spoke to Richard Swart, director of research for the Program for Innovation in Entrepreneurial and Social Finance at the University of California at Berkeley and chief strategy officer for the crowdfunding investment site NextGen Crowdfunding, about the new rules, how this will change the investment landscape, and what it all means for the biotech industry.

Inside the Founder's Studio / The Innovation Agenda with Roger Dean Huffstetler

What happens when you put a startup founder in a leadership role in Congressional staff? In this special episode of CTC's Inside the Founder's Studio, a hybrid with our Innovation Agenda series, we speak to Roger Dean Huffstetler, co-founder and president of Zillabyte, about his decision to take on a role with Congressman Seth Moulton from Massachusetts, and how he's tackling the job with influences from his startup perspective.

Startup Spotlight on Detroit

In this episode, CTC puts the Startup Spotlight on the reimagining of Detroit with Terry Bean, Chief Networking Officer at Motor City Connect, Josh Linkner, Chairman of Fuel Leadership, and Ned Staebler, CEO of TechTown. Our guests talk through talent, capital, and creativity in a city with a great legacy and all the ingredients for a new future. Check out our coverage of the podcast here.

Dr. Vince Bertram of Project Lead The Way

In this episode of The Innovation Agenda, we speak with Dr. Vince Bertram, CEO of Project Lead The Way and author of One Nation Under Taught, about the skills gap nationally, in California, and the sorts of solutions and partnerships his organization sees working to improve the prospects of students everywhere.

Startup Spotlight on Portland, Oregon

In this Startup Spotlight on Portland, CTC visits with Skip Newberry, CEO of sister organization the Technology Association of Oregon, along with Mat Ellis of Cloudability and Portland Business Journal tech reporter Malia Spencer to dive deep into the startup culture of the Rose City.

Temples of Technology with Brady Forrest, Highway1

Brady Forrest of Highway1 visits with the California Business Incubation Alliance on this edition of Temples of Technology. We talk about the resurgence in hardware, the maker movement, supporting entrepreneurs, the rise of accelerators, and more. We also get a sneak preview of SyFy's new series The Bazillion Dollar Club, featuring Brady with Dave McClure of 500 Startups.

The Innovation Agenda with Ian Hathaway, Brookings

In celebration of Startup Day Across America, CTC speaks with economist Ian Hathaway of the Brookings Institution in this episode of The Innovation Agenda.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Chad Mulder, Ruly

Chad Mulder, Founder and CEO of Ruly, goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC to discuss his experiences with launching a new social impact company. Chad discusses going through an accelerator, getting to market, and building a global team that serves consumer needs in photo curation while also bridging the digital divide.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Rey Banatao, Connora Technologies

Rey Banatao, CEO of Connora Technologies and co-founder of Entropy Resins and BluFlame Technology, goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC to discuss the emerging recyclable thermoset industry, getting products on the market, and reflecting on ways he'd recommend entrepreneurs bet bigger from the start.

Why Genomics May Be in Google's DNA

CTC Director of Media Daniel Levine spoke with David Glazer, Google Director of Engineering, for his RARECast.

The Internet giant Google has set its sights on revolutionizing how researchers store, analyze, and share genomic data. The company recently entered into an agreement with the Broad Institute that allows it to integrate Broad’s Genomic Analysis Toolkit into Google Genomics. We spoke to David Glazer, director of engineering for Google, about its Google Genomics platform, the opportunity it sees in genomics, and what it’s doing to help researchers turn vast amounts of data into actionable information.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Darren Leva, IntroMaps

Darren Leva is co-founder of IntroMaps, a company offering alumni relations and customer engagement tools. Darren goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC on the first customer, staying flexible, having and keeping passion in a startup, missing out on some things he might do differently, and more.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Aneet Makin, LegCyte

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face," says Aneet Makin, channeling Mike Tyson. Makin is co-founder of LegCyte, an analytics platform for legislation in Congress. He goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC on building a startup in the Open Gov space, going through the Fortify Ventures accelerator, and the need for entrepreneurs to adapt.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Pete Ryan, Gogohire

Pete Ryan is co-founder of Gogohire, a hiring marketplace for sales talent. Pete goes Inside the Founder's Studio with CTC on the early days of a startup, making the leap as an entrepreneur, going through an accelerator, adapting your business plan and much more.

As if giving advice to his former self on the days before he started Gogohire, Ryan offered this tip: "Leave. Leave now and get to work on your own thing." If he could do it again, "I wouldn't have waited six months," Ryan said.

Inside the Founder's Studio with Rob Nordsell, EIE Materials

LED lighting applications have dramatically expanded in recent years. The LED phosphor market is estimated at $1.2 billion. Rob Nordsell is co-founder of EIE Materials, a company innovating in red phosphor - a primary material in LED lighting. LED lighting applications range from general lighting to TVs and monitors to mobile phones and streetlights.

Rob goes Inside the Founder's Studio to talk about a company developing new tools for the exploding LED market, the fundraising market, California's costs for entrepreneurs, the UC Berkeley ecosystem for founders and more.

The Innovation Agenda with Todd Gillenwater, CLSA

Patent reforms are working their way through Congress. The California Technology Council has joined a broad coalition of businesses from all industries in the US to change the rules that encourage patent trolls. This coalition, United for Patent Reform, includes stakeholders from the National Restaurant Association to the Consumer Electronics Association to the National Retail Federation to the Global Automakers Association.

Learn more about why reform is needed, from research compiled by UFPR, here.

Though the technology community has come together with this remarkable set of allies, from retailers to small businesses of all kinds, we spoke with Todd Gillenwater of the California Life Sciences Association on some of the reasons why tech and biotech may not always agree on reforms, and why some changes could upset a delicate ecosystem for innovation - especially in California.