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Partner Event: Cybersecure LA 2017

SecureTheVillage will hold its first annual cybersecurity conference Cybersecure Los Angeles – 2017 on October 19th in Los Angeles.

For details and to register, please CLICK HERE.

"The fear of a security breach is becoming an Executive's worst nightmare," says SecureTheVillage founder and President, Dr. Stan Stahl. Executives know they have to get their arms around this monster, but, too often, they don't know how." he continued. "Executives used to believe they could rely on IT to protect them. But even that's no longer true. Today's attacks come right through the firewall, often carried in emails sent to staff. That's why everyone has a role to play, why we say it takes the village to secure the village."

The conference is of primary interest to Chief Executives, and other Senior-Level Executives and Managers with an information security management and leadership role in their organization. This includes Information Security Managers and CISOs, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operations Officers, IT Directors, CTOs, CIOs, IT Director's Manager, Directors of HR, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Legal Officers, Partners-in-Charge of Administration (professional services firms), and Directors of Development (non-profits).

For details and to register, please CLICK HERE.