How Do We Know What We Know?

How Do We Know What We Know?

How does an organization leverage the knowledge of its’ members/employees? The CTC has launched a core team to do exactly this: identify the CTC experts, facilitate the method/means to leverage their business wisdom - not only for each other’s benefit but for the benefit of our members and those we serve.

What We're Listening To: Dx Finance Trends

For this podcast, we go Inside the Founder's Studio with Tara Kochis-Stach of Slone Partners and Jonathan Norris of Silicon Valley Bank to discuss the financial trends in the medical diagnostics and research tools space.

CalCISO Convenes Women in Cyber Forum

CalCISO convened in Santa Monica to hold the first meeting regarding its Women in Cyber Initiative. The meeting featured opportunities for stakeholders to engage in a variety of new programs, as well as highlighting career profiles of four women in the cybersecurity profession.

CTC Boards Retreat to San Francisco

The combined boards of all CTC initiatives met jointly for an abbreviated annual retreat during JP Morgan and CES week. Included were board participants from every initiative across CTC, from our scientific advisory board to BioCalifornia to Clean Acres and the new Women in Cyber program, among others.

CalCISO Launches Women in Cyber Initiative

As CTC member PwC has identified, the number of women working in the US information security profession is just 14% of the information security workforce. The gap is roughly double the shortage of women in IT professions in general.