The CTC established its Ambassadors Program in 2014 thanks to the volunteerism of a growing group of leaders vital to the organization. The Ambassadors Program is intended to provide an expanded network of experts steeped in every aspect of the CTC's programs, initiatives and benefits, adding to the outreach and support CTC provides to innovators of all kinds.

CTC Ambassadors include:

NEIL BOYLAN, Connector + Networker + Marketer

JEFF HAMAOUI, Partner, Second Muse

MICHELLE JOHNSON, Business Development Director, Gartner

TRIPP KERR, VP Operations, Productivity Associates, Inc.

KYLIE LI, Business Development Consultant, Oracle Corp.

TINA OLSON, Chief Relationship Officer, NeedThree

DON PACHOLEC, Co-Founder, Portal Player and Oorja Protonics

ADAM RAK, Executive VP, Bond & Associates

ETHAN WINNER, Co-Founder & CEO, Illusio Imaging

GORDON ZAGAR, Founder & Principal, Zagar Consulting

Contact an Ambassador of the CTC. For more information on membership in CTC, please see our Membership information.